King Road
Burlington, Ontario
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Escarpment Evolution

Escarpment Evolution
Judy Mayer-Grieve, 2015
Digital art on panel

This mural was inspired by the Niagara Escarpment and ancient cave paintings. The background of the mural depicts the rugged shape of the escarpment while a series of symbols related to the King Road that resemble cave paintings also appear. The history of the wheel, as recorded through the stone age to modern times, relates to our need for transportation. The Jefferson Salamander shows the importance of King Road in the annual migration of this endangered species and Burlington’s commitment to its protection. Finally, the handprints represent the people who helped build the underpass and surrounding community.

The Local Artist Program is designed to tell local stories using local artists. The 2015 program commissioned six small to medium-scale murals throughout the city. These commissions were open exclusively to Burlington artists. Free professional development opportunities were offered to assist artists with the application process and project development.

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